Why Choose Us

01 Get To Market Faster

Precise Cast is committed to offering the most professional casting process and best performing parts at the lowest total cost, which makes us deliver casting parts at incomparable speed, allowing you to get components faster and minimizing the amount of inventory you have to keep.

Eventually, it means you can get to market faster in a cost-efficient way.

02 Make Your Best Product

We know you have a choice in who you cooperate with. So what makes Precise Cast different?

Advanced software simulation and our own patented system are employed to get the advantages during the whole processing and ensure high quality in the final result. Just as important is our enthusiastic customer focus. In short, we do whatever it takes to guarantee our customers succeed. More than above, we do it all in a cost-effective way. With more professional processes, better customer service, higher repeatability, and newer technology, we can produce investment casting parts of any level of complexity.

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03 Just-In-Time Production & Delivery

At Precise Cast, high efficiency is not just a watchword—it’s the reality on the ground every single day. Thanks to our automation production equipment and strong supply chain system, we are simply faster than anyone else.

You’ll notice our speed right away when we quote your turnaround time—often under two weeks. And you’ll see it in your product when we accomplish true just-in-time production of your component without holding back-up inventory.

Work with Precise Cast on your next precision metal part. You will get faster lead times and accelerated in-house finishing. It means you can give your customers the products they need in a sooner and happier way.

04 Solve your toughest design problems

Our commitment to each casting project begins with technical consulting and continues even after the order has been completed to our client’s satisfaction. We support and guide all clients through every stage of the project and beyond.

During the past 15 years, our technical team has an extensive proven track record of producing high-quality investment casting components from prototyping parts to production parts. They have increased the knowledge of the Investment Casting Industry by attending the Certification Course of China Foundry Association and have expanded that knowledge through involvement in the day-to-day operations at Precise Cast.

We have developed a proof-of-design system that is turning out complex metal casting parts. It fundamentally transforms the way high-value castings are made.