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Automotive Investment Castings

Precise Cast provides a wide range of investment casting component solutions for automotive industry. For over 15 years, we have been an important partner to the automotive industry and continue to grow and evolve to meet its changing needs.

Our performance-critical parts help auto manufacturers to meet the up-to-date requirements for increased fuel economy and decreased emissions standards. The products we manufacture have to operate in high temperatures and high pressures environment, which require us offer a safe solution to ensure that we can provide customers with a safe and long-lasting product.

Our expertise includes the design and manufacture of large variety of automotive parts made of steel, brass and aluminum. Among others we also manufacture components for stator, brackets, engine cylinder heads, gas engine parts, etc.

Automobile Investment Casting Application

The automobile industry has experienced a dramatic growth over the past decades of years, with majority of auto components manufactured in China. Precise Cast has been engaged in this industry over 15 years. We employ best-in-class casting processes, utilizing high-grade materials and advanced equipment to manufacture complex investment casting parts with beyond-imagination lead times.

Transmission Components: Shift Forks and Drum Gear Shifts.

Engine Component: Camshafts and Rocker Arms.

Engine Cylinder Heads and Gas Engine Parts.

Stator, Brackets and Other Auto Parts.

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Our Automotive Investment Casting Capabilities

Precise Cast Foundry is certified to ISO 9001-2015, TS16949, and ISO14001, which means all of our manufacturing services follow up the strict quality management standards. Through our dedication to lean manufacturing and continuous improvement, we are capable of meeting the ever-changing demands for the automotive industry.

We currently manufacture components to support a huge variety of automotive applications, including: rocker arms, fuel systems, turbochargers, EGR, emission systems, steering systems, airbag sensors.

Our components achieve tight tolerances and meet strict automotive industry performance requirements. We specifically manufacture parts for the next generation of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and heavy trucks with a focus on supporting the ever-changing requirements faced by the industry, such as increased fuel economy and decreased emissions standards.

Manufacturing Advantages of Automotive Investment Castings

  1. Online designing & engineering support.
  2. Rapid prototype development by 3D printing.
  3. Rapid mold design and production.
  4. Tight tolerance casting & machining.
  5. Heat treatment & surface finishing.
  6. Laboratory testing & quality inspection.
  7. Product certification.
  8. Supply chain support services.


If you would like to know more about how we can supply investment casting components for your automotive application, or have questions about our one-stop solutions, please contact us.

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