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Mining Investment Castings

The mining industry relies heavily on large and sophisticated equipment for a wide range of applications such as drilling, blasting, digging, hauling, crushing and refining. All of this equipment requires complex and wear resistant components made from materials that can withstand harsh and abusive work environments.

At Zehan Machinery Company we have many years of experience supplying investment cast components that meet the demanding requirements of this industry. We are well equipped to make highly complex parts, and do so from tough and wear resistant materials at a cost-effective price.

Zehan Machinery Company has extensive experience in producing investment castings used in the corrosive mining and earth moving industry. We can recommend unique chemistries and heat treatments, along with physical properties best suited for this harsh environment. Mechanical properties must be held to specific standards for applications such as drilling and tunneling.

Mining Investment Casting Capabilities at Precise Cast

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The investment casting process is capable of producing complicated components at near net shapes that require little to no post processing. We utilize the latest technologies and systems all which add up to faster lead times and lower prices. An overview of our capabilities for making investment casting parts for the mining industry are as follows:

  1. Superior process engineering including gate and runner design.
  2. Post-processing operations are facilitated as required such as heat treat, surface treatments and NDT.
  3. Conduct quality control and inspection to ensure parts meet dimensional and metallurgical requirement.

Investment Casting Materials We Offer:

Stainless Steel Casting, Aluminum Casting, Carbon Steel Casting, Brass Casting, Bronze Casting, Cobalt Casting, Tool Steel Casting.

Mining Investment Casting Application

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With the capability to produce parts with high accuracy and tight dimensional tolerances, the investment casting process is chosen for the following in the mining industry:

Investment casting Drill bit inserts, investment casting Chippers blades, investment casting Impellers, Wear rings, investment casting Gear housings, investment casting Jaw Plates, Crusher, components, Liners.

Advantages of Mining Investment Castings

At American Casting we are focused on helping our customer solve their problems and providing superior customer service. Our core strengths lie in:

  1. Cost competitive pricing.
  2. Excellent support from our foundry engineers.
  3. Production of high-quality products.
  4. Industries fastest lead times.
  5. Superior customized service.
  6. Maintaining healthy relationships with our customers.


If you need more information on investment castings for the mining industry, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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