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Power Transmission

Power Transmission Investment Casting

In the early time of the 21st century the power transmission system still will be based on mechanical transmission, and will face the challenges of advanced engine in respect to mainshaft bearing, lubricating, gear transmission and sealing.

With a long history of innovation, Zehan Machinery Company has created comprehensive solutions for the power transmission industry to improve reliability in sometimes adverse environment in order to meet grid requirements and prevent power outages.

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Investment Casting Materials We Offer:

Stainless Steel Casting

Aluminum Casting

Carbon Steel Casting

Brass Casting

Bronze Casting

Cobalt Casting

Tool Steel Casting

Power Transmission Investment Casting Components

With complete metal supply chain and production line, we can not only produce castings with good performance and high quality, but also provide reliable quality assurance and perfect product service. Investment casting components we produce for power transmission include:

Conveyor Component, Crankshaft, Gear Housing, Handel, Link Pin, Pillow Block, Shaft and Hub Assembly, Piston Cover.

Power Transmission Investment Castings Capabilities

Our custom ferrous and non-ferrous metal castings deliver quality and durability that meets the demands of even the toughest industrial applications in power transmission. Part of our capabilities include:

  1. Competitive pricing structure.
  2. Short project lead times and on-time shipping.
  3. Expert engineering and design assistance.
  4. Personalized, one-stop customer service with fast response times for inquiries.

Benefits of Power Transmission Investment Castings

  1. Our professionals procure high-grade raw material like stainless steel, cast iron and mild steel for manufacturing these castings. Available in varied sizes and dimensions, these products have found application in varied engineering, construction, transmission and agricultural industries.
  2. Our infrastructure has been equipped with all the latest technologies that enable us to have high quality and large production capacity of the products.
  3. The team of immensely skilled professionals hired by us proficiently handles all the operations, thus meeting the varied specifications of the clients.
  4. Furthermore, our experts make use of spectrometer metavision 108 series for properly checking the products. NDT test reports from authorized agencies are also provided by us.


The demand for quality power transmission systems has never been greater. The bottom line is that you can trust Zehan Machinery Company for we know the casting industry inside and out and we always value you as a customer. Contact Zehan Machinery Company to learn how we can help with power transmission casting requirements, we always look forward to working with you.

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