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Military Investment Castings

The demand on near-net-shape precision parts with tight tolerance is on the rise for mission-critical applications in the military industry. As one of the oldest and the most advanced of the metallurgical arts, investment casting has proved as the best option for making several vital components specific to the military industry.

We employ a variety of precision machining and casting techniques to create military components that meet both industry standards and customer requirements. To support our machining and casting operations, we also offer in-house heat and surface treatment and inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) to ensure our customers receive the high-quality, high-performance products that meet their exact needs.

Our Military Investment Casting Capabilities

At Precise Cast Foundry, we employ best-in-class casting processes, using high-grade materials and utilizing the advanced equipment to manufacture complex investment casting parts with beyond-imagination lead times. Our capabilities include:

  1. Experienced in rapid molding service to produce near-net-shape casting molds.
  2. Apply state-of-art induction melting and vacuum induction melting to process casting.
  3. Specialize in defense investment castings made from standard and super alloys whose complex geometry could not easily be produced by alternative methods.
  4. Adopt heat treatment, NDT, machining, plating, finishing and other secondary operations to meet your specifications.
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Military Investment Casting Applications and Products

Our defense investment casting parts are used in the following applications:

Bomb racks, Inter-ship material transfer, Missiles, Pistols, Rockets, Communication equipment, Radar.

The following are a few casting parts that we make by employing military investment casting techniques:

Launcher components, Bearing shells, Propulsion components, Trigger guards, Bolt catches, Bolt carriers, Rocket motor case, Valves, Hinges, Bi-pod head.

Advantages of Military Investment Castings

Our range of defense investment castings bring you several benefits such as:

1. Long life tooling.

2. Excellent surface finish.

3. High dimensional accuracy.

4. Ability to cast extremely intricate parts.

5. Reliable process controls and repeatability.

6. Eliminate secondary machining.


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