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Agricultural Machinery

Agriculture Investment Castings

Investment castings have been a primary market within the agriculture industry for centuries. Agriculture investment casting applications typically require a less-tight tolerances, but the highest degree of quality and durability, because agricultural equipment must frequently operate in harsh environments and extreme weather, with the ultimate goal of putting food on people’s tables.

We have rich experience in providing cost-effective casting solution to manufacture parts and components with long life cycles and high durability for tough agricultural applications. Most common alloys can be casted in Precise Cast Foundry by using expendable molds or reusable molds at a lower melting points.

With a long history helping innovative companies create product solutions for the agricultural market, Precise cast is also leading the trend in supporting smart agriculture with a variety of casting services that allow for rapid product introduction, quick response time and a comprehensive supply chain system offering many types of materials. 

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Agriculture Investment Casting Components

We are a robust metal material supply chain with the capabilities to provide carbon steel, stainless steel and ductile iron castings that deliver optimum performance. Precision casting parts we produce for agricultural equipment include:

Waste removal parts, Measuring and control devices, Pump valves, Levers, Handles and latches, Pivots, Rotary disks, Sprinklers and spreaders, Clutch Pin, Stationary and rotating knives, Turnbuckles, Clevises, Rototiller tines, Vehicle hardware, Manifolds, Valve parts, Brackets, Casting covers and housings, Implement parts and hardware.

Benefits of Agriculture Investment Castings


Agriculture investment casting uses a ceramic mold that can produce a much smoother finish, typically averaging 125 RA surface finish as cast.


Agriculture investment castings cut down on labor time and produce quicker lead times for agriculture parts, because it greatly reduces the amount of machining required after casting.


Agriculture investment castings hold tighter tolerances than sand casting, which reduces the amount of machining required. The standard tolerance is +/-0.005 inch.


Agriculture investment casting requires less expensive equipment and is inherently less dangerous, which allows for costs to remain low.


Agriculture investment casting allows for both large and small casts.


There are a variety of materials that can be used for agriculture investment casting which range from bronze, stainless steel, and even aluminum. You can view a full list of materials that Zehan works with.

We take pride in our consistently high level of service and performance. We have established strong long-term customer relationships with internationally renowned leaders in agriculture industry.

We have made it our goal to offer one-stop solutions for all of our customers in this industry. To learn more about how we can help you produce components for your agricultural application, please contact us.

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